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One of the problems in the study of recordings is that knowledge is dispersed among people who never normally talk to one another. For this reason CHARM hosted a series of residential symposia bringing together musicologists, performers, producers, recording engineers, collectors, archivists, sociologists, and media theorists, among others, to address specific topics in the study of recordings; the symposia embraced classical, popular, and world musical traditions. Other acitivities included a range of seminars and study days in addition to an international conference. Click on the list below for programmes and abstracts for these events, together with papers and other resources where available.


Symposium 6: Playing with recordings (September 11-13)

Symposium 5: Cultures of recording (April 10-12)


CHARM/RMA Annual Conference: Musicology and recordings (September 13-15)

Symposium 4: Methods for analysing recordings (April 12-14)


WestFocus seminar 3: Creative production for classical music (June 5)

WestFocus seminar 2: Hold that sound! Recording your amateur orchestra or choir (May 30)

Symposium 3: Transfer and the recording as historical document (April 20-22)


WestFocus seminar 1: Teaching resources for recorded music (October 1)

Symposium 2: Towards a musicology of production (September 17-18)

Symposium 1: Comparative perspectives in the study of recordings (April 14-16)


SMA Study Day: Representing performance: musical recordings in culture (October 30)

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