Here we provide links or references to a number of other materials on this website, or authored by CHARM staff, relating to the analysis of recordings.

  • Though not accessible on this website, The Cambridge Companion to Recorded Music (co-edited by Nicholas Cook, Eric Clarke, Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, and John Rink, and published by Cambridge University Press) contains a variety of material relevant to analysis: in addition to Nicholas Cook's chapter on 'Methods for analysing recordings', particularly relevant chapters include those by Simon Trezise ('The recorded document: interpretation and discography') and Daniel Leech-Wilkinson ('Recordings and histories of performance style')
  • Daniel Leech-Wilkinson's electronic book, The Changing Sound of Music: Approaches to the Study of Recorded Musical Performances , which is accessible on this website, contains a variety of analytical approaches, both numerical and graphic, integrated into a historical discussion of style change. It also contains an authoritative discussion of a particularly tricky issue in the use of historical recordings for musicological purposes: what can and cannot be deduced from them about performance practice, especially if you are working from transfers and reissues rather than the original discs
  • All three of CHARM's analytical research projects generated new methods and examples of their application. For further details visit the individual project pages, accessible from the Research Projects page
  • The topic of CHARM's fourth residential symposium was 'Methods for analysing recordings'; click here for written versions of some of the papers and abstracts of the rest
  • Click here for a Performance analysis bibliography compiled by José Bowen